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Catalog of Parts for this project

This is my running totals to date
Costs on parts, acessories, installations, and expected costs of what hasnt been bought/done yet.

One SC14 Supercharger:
in a private sale. Just Toyota Wrecking in WA usually has them in stock for the same price
One S13 Stock Intercooler
The standard intercooler from an SR20DET. Free with the Supercharger in a private sale. Places such as Nis-Part-Dat-Part (nissan and datsun wreckers) or JapWreck would have them, unsure of price. Intercooler is optional if running low boost. The nissna one is not very eficcient, the MA70 Supra intercooler works much better.

Stock SR20DET Blow off valve
FREE with the intercooler in the same private sale as above. These shouldnt be expensive, as the stock ones just vent back into the system... no swooshy "Psssstch" sound. This definately isnt required, but i got it free, so will sit there untill i buy an aftermarket one - Aftermarket BOV's start at around on the internet and Ebay.
Yet To Buy:
Things i need(N) or want(W) for the project, but havnt got yet. Any listed prices are approximate unless otherwise stated.


Two Thermo Fans
My method of installing requires the crank driven fan to be replaced by two smaller electric thermo fans mounted close to the radiator. Theoretically these should work just as well, if not better than the crank driven stock item.
Boost Controller
on ebay, .50 in gardening parts to make your own, or + to buy an aftermarket one... Whatever works. This is so i dont have to worry about too much boost hurting my engine until i can lower compression a bit, and when it is it will be used to wind the boost up when i need it.

Parts like pulley fabrication and the extra belt needed to drive it, supercharger lubricant oil etc etc, and costs of materials and labour involved in fabrication of a frame to hold it in place, and the piping for the intercooler and such. Who knows what this will cost me, probably upwards of , Eeek!